Concrete Resurfacing

Welcome to the Gold Coast, tinsel town if you will. Everything is striving to be more upmarket, be something decorative and be a little different than your neighbour. The only problem is, the existing concrete throughout the Gold Coast was poured many years ago in a lot of instances and is a costly affair to rip up and replace. That’s where resurfacing comes in (for the most part), making your old concrete look nice and shiny again.

Lets not limit it here though. I have a pricing structure that outlines both STANDARD and CUSTOM finishing designs that I provide. Whilst the standard designs are pretty much bread and butter you’ll be able to have any installer complete for you, it’s my custom works that separate me from the competition.

Concrete resurfacing (spray paving) can start in it’s most simple form of rejuvenating your existing stamped or coloured concrete with a tinting or staining process, then moving up from there through full product application resurfacing with multiple options for colouring from there.

I’ll briefly go through a few of the applications we can provide, but as with any resurfacing, it is always best to give me a call and book in an inspection so we can decide on the best possible application for your old concrete surface.

Tinting & Staining

Concrete Colour Sealing Mermaid Waters
Multi Tone Stain Stamped Tallai

Tinting and staining is used to rejuvenate your existing concrete surface, whilst not altering the actual surface texture in any way.

Tinting can be described as the simplest and cheapest option for bringing back some colour and can be completed to any pourus concrete surface. This can be applied in a full tint (full colour), or semi tints to allow a bit of the existing colour to come through the finished look. It’s a great way to simply spruce up an old spray or stamped project as seen in the left photo.

Staining on the other hand, requires a little more skill in application and for the installer to understand what the existing surface is doing a little more thoroughly than tinting. After thorough and correct cleaning, the staining products are applied in multiple tones over the surface, which also allows for any existing colour to blend in and work with the two new colours that are being applied, creating some truly beautiful and unique colour combinations and really shining new life into the old concrete surface.

All finishes are fully sealed with high grade acrylic sealer.

Custom Resurface & Stain

Custom stained concrete resurfacing pool surrounds Arundel

This process involves a full cleaning of the existing surface in preparation for our new resurfacing products to be effectively be applied.

Once cleaning is complete, the surface is primed and our new product is applied by several different style applications by trowel to create a unique, non slip environment.

From here, the surface is then colour stained with multiple tones throughout and finally finished off with a full seal of high grade acrylic sealer.

This work really is customised to each project and is a job you’ll want to research your contractor on before commencing work. You are hiring the contractor for their vision of a project, not just someone to complete an install.

Spray On Resurfacing - Standard Designs

Concrete Resurfacing Runaway Bay

I completed an article on THIS link recently to give a better understanding of what my standard designs entail.

Basically, the process of preparation is the same as resurface and staining, however, the end product is sprayed onto the surface and the colouring process is completed in the spraying section.

Taped patterns are applied in the chosen design, then of course our spraying is completed and finished off with full acrylic sealing.

The quality of the standard designs are no different to the custom designs for spray on resurfacing I have, but the experience in creativity and artistic design vary greatly, as well as you’re truly getting something unique with my custom designs.

Spray On Resurfacing - Custom Designs

Custom Concrete Resurfacing Sandstone Desert Dreams
Custom Decorative Concrete Installation Ormeau

I completed an article on THIS link recently to give a better understanding of what my standard designs entail.

I won’t go into the process anymore, I think from everything previous you get a basic idea of the preparation side of things with concrete resurfacing, instead just go a little into the design aspect of my custom works.

I’ll be straight forward and honest, not only do I have an OCD tendency that would drive any neurologist a little crazy, but I’m a little bonkers myself.

When completing my sandstone immitation work that I have displayed here in the picture above, it’s the little things that my OCD keeps in check that make this finish as close to sandstone as I can make it.

On the other hand, if a client wants something truly unique and custom and is prepared to let me go a little outside the box, some truly wonderful designs can be created on the site all freehand completely sent by the minds eye.

As I’ve stated before, I love custom work. Give me a blank canvas and I’ll install you something amazing that you won’t find anywhere else quite like it in the world.