Quotation Particulars

  • All items included in our quotation is detailed on the quote form.
  • If a cost is to arise that is unforseen and not written on the quotation, this cost is to be covered by the client.
  • Square meterage is outlined on the quotation, along with the square meter rate being easily worked out from the quotation. Any extra square meters that are installed, will be charged to the client at the square meter rate, in turn, if the square meters are smaller than what has been quoted, the price will be deducted according to the square meter rate.

Exposed Aggregate

  • It is impossible to match 100% new exposed aggregate concrete to old exposed aggregate concrete.
  • Even using the same mix from the same supplier, from one year to the next, will not result in a 100% match.
  • We take no responsibility for the exact matching of aggregates, the clients choice is final.

Choosing Colours

  • Supplied on this website are colour charts that are a guideline for our coloured concrete and covacrete products.
  • These charts are taken directly from our suppliers.
  • These charts are to be used as reference only, as computer screens vary, as well as printed charts.
  • Natural products do not always come up exactly 100% every time.
  • In turn, the colour choice made by our clients is final, no responsibility by us is taken for the incorrect choice by the client.

Cracking & Repairing

  • If your concrete develops some cracking, typically, this occurs due to movement underneath the concrete by the heavy weight causing the ground to drop or shift.
  • All care is taken with steel installation to control cracking as per Australian Standards.
  • Cracks that are being controlled by the measures employed by us, will not be repaired and are to be considered simply unfortunate.
  • Cracks that are not being controlled by the measures we have taken, will be rectified under Australian Standards.
  • Repairing of existing cracking in concrete prior to us resurfacing, is considered something we are doing to “try our best” to make that crack go away. However, we are not in control of the movement of the concrete, nor the ground underneath, so these cracks to tend to re-appear later on down the track.
  • We do not warranty crack repairs during Covacrete Installation at all, nor do we warranty any chipping that occurs from that cracked area, due to the crack in the first place.
  • Any cost of repairing these sections will be charged directly to the client.


Concrete Installation

  • All concreting works completed by Walker Concreting & Resurfacing are issued with a 7 year structural warranty as per typical Australian Standards. Structural defects will be rectified at the cost of Walker Concreting & Resurfacing.
  • Non structural defects, (minor cracking for example), are not covered under warranty.
  • Choice of colour by the client for “Colour Through Concrete”, is not covered under warranty, your choice is final.

Concrete Resurfacing

  • A 12 month non structural warranty is extended to our works.
  • Crack repairing completed prior to resurfacing, along with any defects directly caused by this existing cracking, are not covered under warranty.
  • Choice of patterns and colours by clients is not covered under warranty, your choice is final.

Payment Terms

  • Once off Residential Clients have no payment terms extended and payment is due on completion of work.
  • Once off Builders / Developers, have no payment terms extended and payment is due on completion of work.
  • Ongoing Builders / Developers, have a 7 day payment term extended to them and payment is due within 7 days from completion of work.
  • Government Bodies have a 28 day payment term extended to them and payment is due within 28 days from completion of work.

It is assumed that if you have Walker Concreting & Resurfacing commence and complete your concrete and/or resurfacing project, that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon.