Epoxy Flooring

Over the last several years I’ve been focusing my working career more based around what inspires me, rather then only chasing the ever elusive dollar. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in business to make money, it is a business after all, but if you’re not content and happy with what you’re doing for a living, then it’s most likely bound to fail at some stage, or at least see a major drop in quality output due to lack of interest.

There are several decorative applications which I have been working to achieve perfection in, and that I have been able to directly inject my custom views of different designs into and take things in a little crazy direction….like exposing my mind’s eye kind of thing.

Epoxy Flooring Gold Coast

Epoxy Flooring is definitely a finish that allows me to go from mild to wild with my installations and express a little creativity for my clients, with this creativity, comes work that is customised to suit their requirements and most of the time, produce finishes that are truly once off not found anywhere else.

I’m going to break down a few finishes that are available in Epoxy Flooring, along with my personal favourite design process at the end. If you’re thinking what can be done to that old garage floor at home…..one of these options might just be up your alley.

Single Colour Simplicity

revamp holmview

Single colour designs are exactly that. No decorations, no flaking, no custom swirling, just one vibrant and shiny colour throughout.

These options are typically best suited to professional applications like a dentist or doctors surgery for example, they are very professional and as with all epoxy floors, are easy to keep clean throughout it’s life. I’d like to say more about this application…but there just isn’t much more to say, it is what it is.

This result of course is our starting point for pricing, working up from here.

Full Flake Application

Epoxy Garage Helensvale

Our next step up for pricing and design sees us working a full multi flake through the epoxy during installation. This would probably the most common finish for your home garage or work area, it’s completely non slip, easy to walk over and very easy to keep clean.

Apart from that, customising the flake options sees some wonderful colours shining through at the end of the installation. One of my personal faves for its simplicity, yet complexity in colours.

Metallic Flooring - Custom Blending

Custom Metallic Epoxy Floor Robina

Getting to the top of our pricing over the next two sections, comes custom metallic flooring.

Each and every design completed by us is a one-off piece and customised to suit your indoor application. The photo shown here, is more of the simpler process where I work with 2-3 colours of metallic epoxy and blend them together in a more unrefined process. Basically just allowing the colours to work in with each other and sink together to end up with some very dramatic finishes.

Metallic Flooring - Custom Effects

epoxy marble detail

Now this is my personal favourite king of custom finishing for metallic epoxy flooring.

As with all metallic work, each of these installations are a one-off piece and customised to suit the client. Metallic finishes can be completed in different colour combinations than what I have shown here, but at least this gives an idea of what we can create.

Some Sample Boards from My Collection

Epoxy Sample Board
Epoxy Sample Board
Epoxy Sample Board
Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast
Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast
Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast