Epoxy Flooring

I love Epoxy Flooring and nothing suits a Gold Coast play area like a full metallic epoxy installation to your favourite room or garage.

We offer complete contract installations from your simplest applications like single colours or flake floors, right through to fully customised metallic installations creating some truly amazing designs to your home areas.

When we’re talking about either a single, 100% full solid colour, or, a full flake installation, these are considered pretty run of the mill standard installations, but don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than a full flake garage or you home work shop.

When we start getting into metallic installations, this is where we start to venture into the creative. Although I must admit, I’m getting pretty picky at what I take on now for metallic installations, as they can be difficult to get 100% right if installed in the wrong environment, but, with a little foresight and making sure the area we’re working on is capable of having a full metallic installation completed, the results are truly one of a kind and completely unique.

Here are some examples of what we can offer, keep in mind, all installation are customised to your home, whether it be different coloured flaking and base colours, or complete custom metallics, all installations turn out amazing.

Standard Installations

Single Colours

revamp holmview

Full Flake

Epoxy Garage Helensvale

Metallic Examples

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Upper Coomera
contrast overtoning
Epoxy Metallic Gold Coast
Custom Decorative Concrete Installation Ormeau
Metallic Epoxy Garage Installation Upper Coomera
Metallic Epoxy Garage Installation Upper Coomera
Metallic Epoxy Garage Installation Upper Coomera
Metallic Epoxy Garage Gold Coast