Modern concrete resurfacing Runaway Bay

Exposed Aggregate Resurfacing Runaway Bay

Project Location: Runaway Bay
Project Size: 160sqm

Getting along to our customers project here after a fantastic and patient wait from them, we managed to get this project completed yesterday, removing the old exposed aggregate with our resurfacing in a very modern colour system incorporated into Storm Grey main toning with a Graphite geometric pattern and finished off with Shale and Graphite flecking.

I did manage however to forget to take before shots of this project. My brain is getting mushy and in desperate need of a holiday. Check out our Instagram where there are some videos of the prep on this to see what we were working with.

Thanks Paul and Belinda. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Concrete resurfacing Sandstone Carrara

Custom concrete resurfacing sandstone design Carrara

Project Location: Carrara
Project Size: 90sqm

Completing today our latest custom concrete resurfacing project in our Sandstone Inspired “Desert Dreams” finish. Has been a long time (seemingly) since I got to work on some custom designs, I’m so thankful to our customer here for giving us the opportunity to, along with anyone following along with our works. Appreciated every one of you, thank you.

I decided to go with more a Almond brown undertone on this project as opposed to the usual Sandy Beige peachy undertone, given the brickwork all around and the timber entrance features like the doors and windows. The Sandy Beige peach undertone goes better when put up against true Sandstone, where those undertones are highly present and can blend in well. With only having the brickwork and other feature to work with here without true sandstone, the Almond was made the undertone star bringing more earthy warmth to the brickwork and house.

The project was completed with an initial combination of Ocean Sand at varying strengths for the main coating, followed by Almond at varying strengths for the decorations and patching, finishing with full strength Almond and Fossil flecking and full acrylic sealing.

Thank you so much to our lovely customers here, it was a pleasure working with you and your patience waiting on us is greatly appreciated. All the best for the rest of the year. Thank you again.

Concrete Pool Surrounds Helensvale

Small Canvas for Concrete Resurfacing Helensvale

Project Location: Helensvale
Project Size: 40sqm


After a long wait from our lovely client at this project, we returned for our 3rd visit for concrete installation to install some bottom steppers leading down to the pool pump area that is also to double up as an entrance to their pool once completed.

I also ran a competition at the start of the year for a custom resurfacing project leaning towards the artistic side, Maria was the winner of this competition and we’ll be returning here in a few months for something pretty.

Thanks for your business and patience once again Maria, we’ll see you soon for the resurfacing.

Concrete demolition and pouring Ashmore

Strong Backs and Caloused Hands at Ashmore

Project Location: Ashmore
Project Size: 72sqm


Finally getting around to writing a report for this project. Maybe because we’ve been too busy. Maybe struggling to catch up……pretty sure I just wanted to forget about it! lol

This one was all just manual labour and tough work. The old concrete needed to be demolished and replaced with new concrete, with no access for machinery we demo saw cut the existing concrete up into manageable pieces, then proceeded to remove them by hand down to a skip bin about 40m from site.

Once all the old stuff was removed, we poured the first section with a boom pump at about 1pm because trying to get concrete bookings at the moment is like waiting for elective surgery. After the first section was in, we brought a few tough young barrow pushers in for the remaining section and finished it all off with a quick rub up with the stipples.

Thanks to our customer here as always, it was great working with you and your patience waiting on us after all the rain delays at the start of the year was greatly appreciated. All the best for the remainder of your year.

Plain concrete driveway Wongawallan

Large Concrete Driveway Installation Wongawallan

Project Location: Wongawallan
Project Size: 300sqm

Over at Wongawallan to finish off our installs this week for a large concrete driveway install around the 300sqm mark. Nathalie and Aaron are repeat customers of ours and over the past several years we have been bit by bit installing all their exterior concrete. We finished off the main concrete installs for this and will be back in hopefully the not too distant future for resurfacing of everything. Just a machine and brush finish on this with saw cut control joints. Single pour and everything went smoothly for a change.

Thanks Nathalie and Aaron. It was good to see you again and hopefully we do again soon. All the best.

Concrete Resurfacing Coomera Waters

Concrete Resurfacing Refurbishment Coomera Waters

Project Location: Coomera Waters
Project Size: 170sqm

Finishing off a major refurbishment project at Coomera Waters this week. The old overlay was well worn and hadn’t been maintained for well over a decade, our lovely clients Leon and Allison trusted our services for a full grind back of the old product and new application in Silver Birch with Fossil border particularly with no taped line separating the borders, finished off with White and Fossil flecking.

Thank you Leon and Allison, it was a pleasure working with you. Good luck on your motorhome adventures soon! We’re very jealous.

Custom finished concrete tamborine

Wedding Present Cove Patio for My Sister Tamborine

Project Location: Tamborine
Project Size: 21qm

This is my wedding present to my sister and her fiance’ who are to get married in a few weeks. Maybe getting the family together we shared a few beers. Maybe the cove isn’t as clean as it should be…..Maybe Camilla spelt her name wrong when signing the slab.

A good day was had. Congrats you guys. All the best for your future together.

Concrete and Resurfacing Kingsholme

Major Concrete Installation Complete at Kingsholme

Project Location: Kingsholme
Project Size: 320 / 360qm

Finishing off the resurfacing overlay section of our major installation project at Kingsholme this week.

Find the concrete installation article HERE

After getting in and around the rains to install the concrete last time, we had a lovely week this week to allow long days getting this project completed. We were intending to spray it over 2 days this weekend, but since we have been working basically 7 days a week for a long time now, we decided to spray it all in one massive day yesterday to finish things off and allow for a few days off at least….especially considering rain is again predicted next week (arrrgghh).

Finish overlay completed in Blue Mountain with White and Graphite flecking which was a perfect choice by our client to tonally compliment the existing home colours. We loved the outcome.

Thank you kindly Richard and Ange, it truly was easy and a pleasure doing business with you. Not far from finishing your lovely home now, I bet you can’t wait!. Enjoy.

Colour concrete installation Yarrabilba

Colour Concrete Installation Yarrabilba

Project Location: Yarrabilba
Project Size: 130sqm

When I was a young guy in the early days, one of my first jobs my boss and I had a shocker of a job. He said to me, “if something goes wrong at the start of a new job, that whole damn job is going to be difficult”. Ain’t that the truth.

We start this project out with a lovely young family in their new home build at Yarrabilba, and apart from the difficulties getting there with all the rain delays we had at the start of the year, we then turned up only to find after excavation that the council sewer pit had been put together with house bricks with a good ol’ she’ll be right attitude. We also managed on that notorious first day, to have the skip bin not able to be delivered because apparently all the access points to the job site were flooded out….even though I was standing at the job site when being told this….go figure. This saw us bringing the machine back twice and basically, just knowing we were up against it for the rest of this project.

But in the long run, a good concreter, or any tradesman for that matter, will keep pushing until nothing more can be done. After 3 separate pours for such a small job, most of them being late in the day because getting deliveries to Yarrabilba can be fun at best, we managed to get all the concrete areas completed and are leaving our customer with a fully useable patio, pool surrounds and driveway for the first time since they got hand over of the house.

Same day sealer was applied early which is a light sealer at about 50% solids to at least protect the surface while the concrete is curing, then after 3-4 weeks we’ll return for a quick clean and full acrylic seal with our more industrial grade products.

Thanks to our lovely clients on this project, Jess is a dog groomer and we decided to take our King Charles out for some special treatment as well, she looks amazing. If you’re at Yarrabilba and looking for a professional and skilled dog groomer, shoot us a message and we’ll pass on the details. Have a good weekend guys, see you soon for the sealing.

Grind and concrete resurfacing Oxenford

Patio and Pool Surrounds Concrete Resurfacing Oxenford

Project Location: Oxenford
Project Size: 85sqm

No rest for the wicked this week making the most of the sunny weather and getting completed a full grind back of old product, then followed with our concrete overlay resurfacing throughout.

Natural main colour with Coal lines and White / Coal flecking.

Thank you Phil and Muna. What a wonderful family you all are there and thank you so kindly for your business. All the best for 2021.