Decorative Resurfacing

We cover three different aspect of decorative resurfacing, from simple tinting and staining of existing concrete to revamp the colours and appearance, to spray on paving or “covacrete” where we apply a full new coating to the surface with many different style options to choose from, finally onto epoxy floor coatings which have some beautiful finishes for garages, kitchens and other indoor areas. There is too much information to list solely on a single web page, so please feel free to spark up a conversation with us about our finishes, they’re sure to excite your interest.

Finishes & Maintenance

Finishes and maintenance vary per product application as you can imagine, so again, please discuss these approaches in person. Each project can need a different maintenance approach. As with all decorative applications, sealer is your best friend and re-sealing everything 18-24 months will keep your product looking fantastic along with helping it last a lot longer.

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau
Concrete Resurfacing Robina