Smashed Avocado Ormeau

Smashed Avocado Ormeau

Project Description

Location: Ormeau
Project Size: 97sqm

Ok, so maybe I struggled a little bit with naming this creation, but a little help from a peer had a perfect explanation for the colour splash we applied here.

Our client contacted us through our web advertising on Google here, and after turning up on time (as always), and having a price professionally written and returned to him the same day (as usual), he quickly hired our services to complete his resurfacing work.

Initially, in talking to our client about colours here, I simply gave them a little push in the direction of what I thought best worked with their houses colour scheme, which at first, did not have the “Pale Eucalyptus” colour for the border, but rather “Fossil”, which is a bit more of a brown tone. Our client here made the final executive decision to go with the Pale Eucalyptus, which had us a little worried contrasting against the “Ocean Sand” main colour. It really wasn’t up until everything was sealed at the end, that the true colours came through and everything worked exceptionally well.

The rear patio on this house had been poured by one of our clients neighbours, and finished ready for either tiling or resurfacing. The front driveway was in great condition, but both just needed a heavy acid and pressure wash prior to priming and applying our resurfacing products.

We went with 12mm line tape for the border out the front and a border width of 140mm, whilst out the back, due to the smaller scale of the patio, I decided on 8mm line tape with a 100mm border, so as to not take away any area on appearance.

With border projects, typically we will complete the border first, then fully tape it off so no other spray gets onto it. I like my borders being free of flecking and of a bulk appearance.

So after completing the borders and taping them off, the main coatings were applied to the patio and driveway concrete, finishing the final layers off with a larger nozzle to make sure the texturing is of my liking.

Finally as always, a couple of blending flecks through the main areas and a full double coat of Hi Build Acrylic Sealer.

I love seeing transformations on older concrete with our resurfacing techniques, gives a great deal of pride in the work we have just completed.

Thanks as always to our clients here, it was a pleasure and I wish you all the best for your future.

Smashed Avocado Ormeau
Smashed Avocado Ormeau
Smashed Avocado Ormeau
Smashed Avocado Ormeau
Smashed Avocado Ormeau
Smashed Avocado Ormeau
concrete canvass gold coast

Canvas Laid

Project Description

Location: Gold Coast
Project Size: 155sqm

Since the start of the new year, I must admit I’ve been struggling a little bit. Being inflicted with only what I can call ADHD, if I can’t keep my mind completely devoted to something, little demon’s pull me in a million different directions as far away from that thing as they can get me.

So my challenge throughout life, has always been to keep those little demons hidden by constantly challenging myself. Now with concrete, I’ve been getting bored. I think to be honest, I’ve reached a level with my concreting where it just basically isn’t a challenge anymore. I’ve started moving the business a little away from concreting as a primary source of work, and concentrating more of my advertising and marketing towards true decorative resolutions to clients problems.

Over the past few weeks, we have installed concrete at two separate properties, which to my little demon’s discomfort, have been basic, plain grey installations, keeping the boredom levels at an all time high….however….the knowledge that both of these concrete installations are only a “canvas” if you will for our new decorative resurfacing, has really given my a little more vigor to endure the tediousness of their installations.

Our first property up at Ormeau, is a new house build where to be honest, we won’t be doing anything total fancy at all, just a simple finish with bulk coloured border with a different main colour, off set by multiple flecking, but having the “canvas” mindset, allow all the multiple drainage point installations, mistakes by plumbers that needed correcting, general blood sweat and tears during the installation seem all a little worth while.

Our second project on the other hand, is a little more complex.

Down at Benowa, our client has been in the process of doing a complete revamp to the pool area, patios and side access areas, along with the main driveway which has been well damaged throughout construction.

This week we commenced our section of this project by excavating the majority of bad concrete areas, removing the old retaining walls and prepping the areas for new concrete. Now the trick with all this, is leaving certain sections of the existing concrete, bonding them together with the new concrete areas so not only does everything look flat and even throughout, but also drains water correctly not leaving any bird baths if you will.

After excavation, installation of the drainage was completed, deciding upon a single center drain for the area in a box format running back to existing storm water connections.

We then poured the base of concrete with all falls towards the new drainage point, keeping levels even throughout all outside permiters.

Next week on this project, we will return complete a 400mm semi retaining wall / upstand adjoining the pool, along with a new set of stairs leading up to the pool.

From there, we have some demolition of concrete at the front of the property, followed by replacement, then resurfacing of the entire rear and front of the property finishing everything off nice and evenly throughout.

There’s quite a few projects on the go at the moment, with many over lapping each other.

Thank you to our clients for your understanding on delays, the new wind of enthusiasm for my business direction has seen an elevation in quantity of business, I’m doing my best to supply top service to all of you.

concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
concrete canvass gold coast
Concrete Refurbishment Arundel

Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Our first and most popular option, known by a number of names from varying companies, Spray on Concrete Resurfacing is the process of applying a new surface to your existing concrete by trowel and air compressor.

This is a cement product heavily modified to bond thoroughly to your existing concrete surface, along with having pretty colours and designs to spice up your areas.

Typically a product primarily used outdoors, you may choose this option for tired, old concrete that is in need of refreshing, or you may be trying to get a few different areas of concrete to all match together, or you may choose this approach for your new concrete driveway so you can do something a little custom and stand out from the crowd.

Our second approach to decorative concrete resurfacing is Epoxy Flooring systems. This is more of an “indoor” product most suitable to garage floors, commercial kitchens and other in-house environments.

Although the physical application differs from Covercrete Resurfacing, the results can be outstanding! From mild to wild, Epoxy Flooring is extremely versatile for any indoor area.

Both finishes have a great life span if looked after correctly and will keep you concrete areas looking new and shiny for many years to come.

Following are a few samples of different design options that you may find you like, but don’t be afraid to search Google for different ideas, remembering, if you can think it, we can most likely apply it to your concrete.

Tile or Diamond Patterning

This would be the most popular approach to most projects that we encounter. It’s basically a “can’t go wrong” mentality to the design.

We begin obviously getting a proper square from the existing house, or 45deg if going for a Diamond, then basically just spacing out each individual line to the size required by our clients. You’ll also notice on this example shown we applied a bulk border to the outside just to break things up a bit more with a different colour.

Always remember as well, the smaller the tiles / diamonds, the smaller the area will look as a whole as it appears more “busy”. Great idea to keep the patterns bigger to keep the areas looking more expansive.

Concrete Resurfacing Ormeau

Custom Patterning

For something a little less “formal” than tiles or diamonds, why not have us install custom triangles and other unique shapes.

This taping is completely done by eye on the day and is basically an expression of the installers artistic approach.

You’ll notice with the picture example, the first being a simple custom taped design, whilst the second has added to that taped design by applying custom decorative swirling and patching throughout, but we’ll speak more on this custom finish in a bit.

custom taping

Offset Tiles

Offset tiles is a more intricate approach to a contemporary tiled approach.

Each line is taped in both directions, so for instance, if your tiles are needed to be 800mm long by 400mm wide, the area is taped every 800mm in one direction, then every 400mm in the other direction.

From there, each second section of taping between tiles is removed by stanley blade, leaving the design as shown in the picture provided.

Obviously the time consumption for taping this design is more than a standard tile pattern, so the pricing does increase a bit, but the visual appeal is well worth the reasonable extra cost.

Concrete Resurfacing Tallai

Decorative Borders & Insets

A lot of the time, less can be more when making improvements to large areas, of course depending entirely on your personal outlook.

A great way to add just a little something to an area without going overboard, is a simple border on your new concrete surface.

This can be a bulk colour border, or we can add tiled taping for a busier look, we can also step up a bit from there and continue the borders as an “inset” into the main concrete surface along control joint lines.

Again, what we can do is only limited to imagination most of the time, and I absolutely love getting creative, it keeps my little crazy man in my head working overtime and enjoying what I do, so hit me with a challenge.

decorative borders

Custom Centre Pieces

If you’ve got a large area and are not fond of a tile like approach, there are other ways to break up the bordom of singular colours.

Apart from the standard flecking that is applied to pretty much all our work, you can break up large areas with custom centre pieces.

Whether its a simple taped in triangle like the one shown here, or an intricate compass design with different colours outlining each aspect of the piece, there are many options to choose from, and of course YES, let your imagination run wild.

custom center piece

Full Custom Designs

Got a little bit of a wild streak in you? Like to think outside the box a little with a bit of wow factor thrown in?


Then you’re right up my alley of spectacular street and we need to talk more in depth, in person, about what we can provide and about bringing your vision to life.

Just a small sample of custom works shown in the picture provided, each and every custom design we provide is unique to both our clients desires and the vision of the applicator. No two pieces are the same, and no other contractor will replicate because we all have our own styles.

full custom resurfacing

Epoxy Flooring

Last but not least is of course our Epoxy Flooring options.

This resurfacing approach is much more suited to indoor uses, ranging from single colour designs for commercial environments, to full flake finishes for garage floors and finally complete custom, metallic finishes for that WOW factor.

Epoxy is a great, long lasting product that is applied through a series or trowel, squigy and rollers. Not only is epoxy great to look at, but it is a breeze to clean and keep stains away from the surface.

epoxy flooring
decorative concrete resurfacing runaway bay

Access Reinstatement Runaway Bay

Project Description

Location: Runaway Bay
Project Size: 60sqm

After seeing our client out at Runaway Bay, they directed me towards their ageing concrete at the back of thier lovely waterfront property, which was originally colour concrete, then cover creted by others at some stage of it’s life and was in dire need of rejuvination after over a decade with no maintenance.

As with all old spray job revivals, we whipped out the floor grinder to run over all the old surface, completely removing it revealing the existing concrete underneath, all ready and ground back for our new surfacing.

Quite a simple project really this one, in and out if you will. Nothing too detailed, just re-instate exactly what was there before. So after our grinding and cleaning, along with priming, the base coating was applied, simple tiled border taped in and top coatings sprayed in Blue Mountain with White and Coal offsetting flecks.

A full coating of acrylic sealer was applied to finish things off, leaving about an hour before the rains came down (wasn’t meant to rain until 600pm, thanks weatherman). Not a problem though, just a few finalising coats of solvent to re-emulsify the sealer and release the water will do the trick, it’s nothing we haven’t run into before.

Thanks kindly to our clients for this project, your business and hospitality were perfect.

Apologies for the sub-par photographer on this one. The angles and the light just wasn’t working in my favour with the fresh sealer that was put down….excuses excuses.

decorative concrete resurfacing runaway bay
decorative concrete resurfacing runaway bay
decorative concrete resurfacing runaway bay
decorative concrete resurfacing runaway bay
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines

Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines

Project Description

Location: Pacific Pines
Project Size: 73sqm

Coming up to the Commonwealth games, we decided to make a run for it and have a few weeks off, finally getting a long deserved holiday. However, after this was cut short with horrific weather on the Sunshine Coast (irony), we decided to get stuck into the heavy work load we have in front of us.

First off the ranks was our new clients over at Pacific Pines. Their existing driveway was an old fashioned, wet stencilled finish which as with all finishes of that area, are great when they’re new, but fade and look old rather quickly. Time for a refresh then.

Our client on this one wanted to keep things relatively simple, just work with what colours were already there, break it up with a simple block border and keep any patterning out of it.

So with this in mind, we began work firstly by whipping out the floor grinder and getting stuck into the existing surface. Now given this concrete has had years since the last time it was sealer, as well as being in relatively good condition as far as stains and everything go, a full grind back flat was not necessary. The grinder was run over a few times on worse areas getting back to that porous concrete we needed for bonding, then the remainder taken back to a similar level that I was comfy with apply our new products.

Seeming as though we had a bit of a rough surface from the old wet stencil, my base coating was modified and thickened and applied twice creating a “nearly” smooth surface. I then loaded up another standard bag of cover crete, screwed on my 8mm larger nozzle and loosely applied a larger indentations throughout the surface. What this does is create a false surface devoid of the dips and bumps from the old patterning.

We then applied our border throughout, taped that off and proceeded to spray the main area with two coats of top colour, finally completing another top coat with the larger 8mm nozzle, keeping this on for our flecking throughout the same colour as the border.

What this whole process gives us essentially, is 6 coats in varying textures and thickness’s to completely eliminate any of the old pattern showing through.

As always, two coats of High Build Enduro Sealer from Concrete Colour Systems was applied, this being a more expensive sealer, but the extra quality of product far outweighs the extra cost, especially when tying to provide nothing but the best for our clients.

Thank you kindly to our clients as always, you were nothing but a pleasure to work for and we hope to run into you again some day.

Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
Elegance in Simplicity Pacific Pines
concrete resurfacing ashmore

Driveway Revamp Ashmore

Project Description

Location: Ashmore
Project Size: 106sqm

Our client for this project came to us quite a few months ago now, presenting me with a lovely home in Ashmore that they have been upgrading, but as always with these older areas, a driveway that was in desperate need for a little modern polish.

After the main areas had been revamped on the house, it was time for us to come in and finish everything off at the front. As per normal, our first attendance was grinding out, repairing and acid cleaning the existing concrete, getting it into a solid enough state to apply our new coatings confidently.

From here, Mother Nature stepped in and gave us a good, solid week of rain. Now this generally isn’t a problem when spraying, when it stops raining we get straight back to work, unlike concrete that can still leave us with a boggy site for weeks on end after a heavy downpour.

In this circumstance though, the retaining wall leaks water from the bottom after heavy rain, which then kept us offsite for another 4-5 days after the rains had stopped….but as with anything, an opening then presented itself and we put in a solid, long day to get both the base coat and top coating completed in a single day, something I usually don’t do.

We decided to keep the design and colours pretty simple on this one, choosing “Coal” for the main colour to match the awnings on the house, and leaving the taped lines white along with a single white fleck throughout to break things up. As usual, everything finished up with a full acrylic seal and we’re really happy with how this new revamp came up.

Thanks very much for your work guys, such an easy process doing business with good people. All the best for the future.

concrete resurfacing ashmore
concrete resurfacing ashmore
concrete resurfacing ashmore
concrete resurfacing ashmore
concrete resurfacing ashmore
concrete resurfacing ashmore
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun

Decorative Resurfacing Tugun

Project Description

Location: Tugun
Project Size: 84sqm

It’s always nice to be recommended to a client, it creates a level of trust from both parties that leads to some really creative work sometimes. In this instance, we were recommended by the head honcho of our supply company for resurfacing products, quite the feather in my cap….if I may say so myself.

Our client provided pretty much all the details I needed to price his work through email, not that a site inspection was avoided, by good communication makes things so easy sometimes.

With the price approved I attended site a few weeks later to begin the cleaning and repairing section of the work, to return another day to start the new surfacing.

Our client in this instance gave me a general direction for the outcome they were wanting to achieve, but gave me somewhat leeway for the specific colours and design of the job.

Looking at the house we had to work with, everything about it screamed elegance. There are no dead straight lines in the architectural design, curved windows and blue / grey colour design throughout, quite a pretty home to be honest.

I decided to use the colours Blue Mountain and Natural as they blended / matched the house colours extremely well. I decided Blue Mountain was to be the main colour because it would contrast against the walls, as opposed to using Natural which would have melted the design into the walls leaving nothing really to stand out as special.

Given the architectural design and curved windows, I also went with a smaller 8mm tape for our tile lines throughout, trying to not have a bold tile design standing out too much, but making sure there were enough lines to show through the Natural colour that we used on the base coat.

I outlined top and bottom all the steps, leaving the faces of the steps without an actual tile as I think it would have made it look too busy, then proceeding to tape the entire area with an 800mm tile pattern squaring off the house initially, then curving the tile pattern around differentiating the stairs from the main floor.

Maybe you have noticed already from one of the pictures, but I also curved the bottom step patterning so as you walk down and are looking at it, you can also notice that it matches the architectural curved windows on the house. Maybe a little credit goes to one of my workers here for this idea, but I’m fully taking the credit 🙂

After the taping and spraying was complete, I decided to finish off with more subtle flecking. Typically, my style is going one colour below and one colour higher, for sake of conversation, maybe a graphite and white to go over this. But in this situation, given the more elegant nature of the house, I went with firstly flecking in the Natural colour the same as the grout lines, keeping the fleck relatively light so it didn’t drown anything out, then switching over to a larger nozzle to complete a white fleck with much heavier splotches to break things up.

As usual a full acrylic seal to finish things off, maybe a few too many beers for a Tuesday, followed with some lovely conversation with out clients.

As always, a massive thank you to our clients here, along with our materials supplier for having the confidence to recommend us, it is and was a pleasure doing business with you both.

We completed another great driveway revamp this week as well, catching up after the rain, but I’ll get onto the report for that another time.

Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Tugun
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara

Major Flooring Project Carrara Markets

Project Description

Location: Carrara Markets
Project Size: 1200sqm

This is basically the final section that was to be completed at the Carrara Markets Entertaining Arena. We’ve been on this one right from the start, from placing the concrete flooring, getting the 18 cubic meter’s worth of bulk fill footings installed, now finally onto the final section of resurfacing all the concrete bringing it up to standard for some of the spectacular events they have planned for the future.

Originally, we had a 3 week time frame to complete this project. That was until when, another event popped up out of the blue, our timeline was brought forward to two weeks leaving me with plenty of swear words and expectations of long days ahead.

We began the resurfacing process with taking the floor grinder to three sections that were existing from years before and that were left there (supposedly to save a dollar). After grinding all these spots back removing any unwanted surface abnormalities, we then continued along with grinding out all the cracking and preparing the concrete for a good solid clean.

With approximately 300 litres of hydrochloric acid in hand, the entire surface was covered in a single day with the boys following up behind pressure washing and brooming as we went. This left out surface nice and bare and ready for our new products to adhere correctly.

Returning the next day, we repaired all the cracking that was cut out previously, along with floor levelling a couple of areas to bring the smoothness up to scratch. When finished and dried, we began base coating the areas that required it, keeping in mind not everything needed base coating as all the concrete I had poured previously, I had finished in preparation for it to be sprayed, so spraying straight down was all that was needed (after grinding and cleaning of course).

With a start on the Monday, these sections brought us up to Thursday, where we decided to get spraying and applying our top coats. Getting all the fiddly stuff out of the way first, we taped up all the columns and “cut in” to those section as you would with painting, so that once those bits were completed, we could basically just turn up each day and pump out some big numbers getting the remainder of the floor completed.

Friday was also spent the same way, and having all the “cutting in” completed, we took the weekend off due to the Markets trading, to then return on Monday for the real show.

With the thought process in mind that, the harder we work early on the days we’re fresh, the less we’ll have to do once we are getting tired towards the end of the week. We set up a routine with the two guys I had with me, one of the lads mixing the loads with the other carting, pouring and pulling my hose off me, of course then, with only myself to complete the remaining 1100sqm still to go.

Monday was a cracker, we fell a little short of what we were aiming for due to tiredness, only managing about 290sqm being sprayed. Backing that big day up on Tuesday with a whopping 360sqm and some tired lads ready for a good sleep. Keeping in mind sealer is also being applied each day, some solid 10 hour + getting in front of the work load.

Wednesday rocks around, and we’re looking down the barrel of only about 450sqm remaining, splitting it in half with Thursday for 225sqm each day. Our plan of putting in big days for the first two have now paid off, and both Wednesday and Thursday saw us starting to spray at 700am after setting up, then walking out of there all sealed by about 1100am.

With everything sprayed, we then returned on the Friday for the final coat of sealer, a few photos and a couple of beers at the end of the day to wind down.

We’ve been working down with the Carrara Markets for many years now as they go through their upgrading process, bringing the Markets into the new era and doing a brilliant job while they’re at it.

Being a Gold Coast born and bred, I grew up going to the markets on weekends as a kid, then finishing up our drinking binges in the Bar there on Sunday mornings as a I got older, now to be a part of upgrading everything and making it beautiful again. I really look forward to see where they’ll be in the next 10 years with what they have planned.

Not to say it’s not an excellent place to spend your weekends now, pop down when you get a chance and check out everything that’s going on, there’s also some awesome shows being planned for the Entertaining Arena. We look forward to seeing you down there.

Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Carrara
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera

Decorative Resurfacing Coomera

Project Description

Location: Coomera
Project Size: 35sqm

About 3 months ago now we were originally around at our clients house extending his patio area out the back to better make use of the room they have. The original concrete patio was quite small with a small pathway as well, utilising some garden areas, which of course would have looked quite fine, but a good train of thought here is always making the most of the room you have.

So a few month down the track after installing the new concrete, we returned to resurfacing the concrete patio and side pathway in our custom, modern styled finish.

As always, a solid acid wash was completed first, then allowing the concrete 24hrs to dry out thoroughly. Returning the next day, I applied two modified base coatings over the exposed aggregate concrete and a single, standard base coating over the plain grey I had poured earlier. After a bit of work on the grinder with the control joints, along with hand rubbing out the lumps, we had our canvass to work on the following day.

We decided to stick with the standard base colouring for the taped lines (white), from there we applied two spray coatings of Blue Mountain. After those two coatings had dried, we returned with our custom cut swirls and began working on each individual triangle area with Natural colouring making some nice swirls, corner patches and blocked out wholes.

Finishing up with a Natural fleck, we tore up all the taped lines revealing a lovely piece of work, then topped it all off with two coats of high grade acrylic sealer.

I love doing this finish for our decorative resurfacing, it’s a full custom design that relies more so on our perception of how it should work, rather than a dictated course of action. It’s always nice to be able to have to think about every aspect of the job at hand, put everything into it, then stand back at the end and admire what you have achieved.

Thank you as always to our clients, we’re very glad you love your project and thank you for not only the work, but also the morning coffee’s to get us going in the middle of Winter.

See you next for the Epoxy Garage.

Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Coomera
Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands

Concrete Resurfacing Maudsland

Project Description

Location: Maudsland
Project Size: 94sqm

We started off this week rejuvinating a driveway out at Maudsland. It had originally been completed in colour, but unfortunately had gotten some cracking through it due to what looks like a typically cut and fill block settling, and as always with colour, any little thing stands out like dogs balls for all to see.

With no structural problems with the concrete, we began with our typical repairing of the cracking which involves grinding out the cracks, then filling them with a custom brew of product. The theory behind repairing of cracks, is basically once ground underneath the concrete has settled and moved, allowing the concrete itself to settle and move…and crack, it technically shouldn’t need to settle anymore than it already has. So if we grind out and patch the cracking, usually we never see those cracks again….as long as the steel reinforcing is doing it job of course.

After repairing the cracks we floor grinded back the surface making sure we had enough traction for our products to bite onto, then base coated everything in “Natural” colouring.

8mm taped lines where then applied at 800mm diamonds, two top coatings applied in “Blue Mountain” colouring, then “Natural” flecking applied as well. All finished up with a good coating of acrylic sealer, which after settling for a few days, will make all the lovely colours shine through.

Not an overly complicated project this one, but time consuming all the same. It’s always nice though seeing a piece of concrete that isn’t quite up to scratch, then resurfacing it making it look amazing and modern.

Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands
Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands
Concrete Resurfacing Maudslands