Concrete Driveway & Surrounds Hope Island

Concrete Options

Concrete Options

Good ol’ concrete. Been around since the Roman times, realistically has only several appearances in variation of finish, but can be applied to almost anything, creating wonderful structures simple by mixing some of mother natures natural resources.

For us though, what we provide are residential finishes for your houses.

Over the past 20 odd years, there isn’t really much that we haven’t had our hands on for experience, so the level of expertise is second to none.

I do find however, that specialising allows a trade person to focus on a particular area, and instead of being a “jack of all trades”, become a master of what we do.

Not only do we provide all installations of our concrete works up to Australian Written Standards, but you’ll find in most cases, because we are concreting an area that is either a decorative installation (colour concrete), or something that will have decoration added to later (spray on resurfacing), our technical standards are far beyond what is considered “acceptable” workmanship.

Following are some basic examples of what we can provide our clients.

Plain Concrete Installation

Although the most basic of installations in regards to concrete, it is also the most common world wide. From pathways to bridges and sky scraper buildings, plain concrete is literally everywhere you can see.

For us, it is a rarity to pour plain concrete that will not have another finish applied at a later date. In our line of the industry, plain concrete is more used for the installation of the house slab itself, of which I refuse to work on anymore at this stage in life.

So you’ll find us installing plain concrete for a driveway, house surrounds or house extension with the intention of either spray resurfacing or epoxy resurfacing the top at a later date.

However, there is the odd exception where the right job comes along at the right price and we pull the boys out of the woodwork for a day on a deck, picture attached may or may not be having a little too much fun on one of these days.

Concrete Deck Ashmore

Colour Through Concrete

Colour Through Concrete is what you could call a modern approach to colouring your concrete.

Typically in years past, your contractor would pour plain concrete, only to throw the coloured Iron Ore pigments into the surface and finish accordingly.

However, this old way had a limited life span, if the client didn’t maintain their concrete, the colour would wear off and look horrible (not to mention the health hazards of throwing the powder colour on in high winds).

So these days, we have our concrete supplier mix the colour directly into the brew when batching our concrete. This colours the concrete right through and will hold the test of time (and erosion), keeping your colour true for years to come.

decorative concrete gold coast

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Now this is where the quality of installer really shines through. There are contractors who are concreters, then there are contractors who can install exposed aggregate correctly.

From start to finish, every step of the way for installation of exposed aggregate requires attention to detail. Correct decision making and a keen reliance on past experience to make sure your stone is exposed correctly and evenly, no screed lines are in the surface, and your concrete will last the test of time and not erode and lose stone as it gets older.

Shoot us an email for some address’s of our work, go out and have a look, then take a walk around and look at 90% of other exposed concrete installations. A keen eye will see the separation in quality quickly and not hesitate to give us a call to install your new exposed driveway.

Concrete Driveway Upper Coomera

Stamped Impressions

Stamping of concrete is ever so popular in America, and really took off here in Australia during the 80’s and 90’s. However, the old process of throwing the colour in, combined with clients not maintaining their product, soon led to it becoming less popular as the finish got older and started to deteriorate.

But never fear! We have re-designed the wheel… to speak.

We’ve adjusted our installation to allow for colour to be mixed through the concrete completely (see coloured concrete above), then by applying off setting release agent colours, have come up with a similar overall look and appeal to the finish, whilst allowing the concrete to maintain its visual appeal for years to come.

With lots of different impressions that can be used, have a chat with us about what we can provide, even though it’s not done much anymore, I love stamping and welcome any new work for it.

stamped concrete

Mixing Things Up

Don’t get caught in the mindset of your decorative concrete installation having to be just a solid, singular design.

Why not use a few simple techniques of adding flavour to your installation.

  • A border in a different coloured exposed stone?
  • A border in a different colour concrete?
  • Tile inserts on your exposed installation?
  • Colour in your exposed concrete?

Have a chat with us today about some custom designs for your new decorative concrete installation.

decorative concrete

Concrete and Resurfacing Ormeau

Project Description

Location: Ormeau, Queensland
Project Size: 305sqm

Required on this project was installation of a plain grey concrete driveway, plain concrete pathways, patio and shed base. We manage to poured the patio, paths and shed base on the first day, then returned to complete the main driveway on the second pour. Waiting two weeks before returning, we then commenced to acid clean and pressure wash our surface ready for covacrete re-coating. Our client decided on an 800mm diamond pattern with 120mm border taped on. We then proceeded to spray with a single colour Charcoal for the main colour, with off setting flecks in Light Bluestone and White.