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We have over 20 years working & supplying concreting and decorative concrete resurfacing applications to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. We have the dedication, expertise and quality team to provide you with whatever your requirements may be.

We are a small operation by choice where you are contracting primarily myself and my wife, who are directly attending and in charge of each and every site project we take on. We are not a company that takes on mountains of work and sends sub-contractors out to complete it. We pride quality over quantity in every aspect.

Please do keep in mind, we are a small business and often have reasonably long booking periods before we can start new projects. However, if our waiting times are too long for you, we’re happy to direct you towards other trusted contractors we recommend.

We are fully licenced and insured, along with outstanding customer service, quality of workmanship and detailed quotations, we really do care about each and every projects outcome.

Take a look through our project portfolio HERE to see why we’re one of the leading residential contractors for premium decorative works on the Gold Coast.

From there, jump on our contact page to get in touch with me, although we operate out of the Gold Coast primarily, we travel far and wide pending the size and decorative challenge of the projects available.

Custom Concrete Resurfacing Sandstone Desert Dreams
Metallic epoxy floor install Gilston Australia

Decorative Flooring Specialist

Even though we dirty our hands in all aspects of concreting and concrete overlays, we at Walker Concreting on the Gold Coast specialise in the decorative aspect of the industry. We believe firmly that a quality decorative project not only involves the knowledge of how to install the applications correctly, but also the installer having a little bit of artistic perspective to look outside the box and make sure each job is something to be remembered. Take a look below for some basic information on our more common applications, or jump on our Instagram to follow our latest works.

Custom stormy skies concrete resurfacing Ormeau

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Welcome to the Gold Coast, home to beautiful million dollar homes with ageing concrete throughout. Fret no more about your old driveway or surrounds, with spray on concrete resurfacing, not only can we provide resurfacing options for these areas, but consider ourselves to be an industry leader for the Gold Coast in custom designs and thinking “outside the box”.

Cover Crete decorative concrete resurfacing is completed by multiple new layers being applied to your existing concrete surface after proper preparation of the area, starting with hand applied layers, modified preparation aids and finally finishing with either standard, contemporary designs or fully custom, intricate designs to suit any Gold Coast household.

Browse through our gallery photos and social media for some concrete resurfacing ideas, and remember, nearly anything is possible as long you if you’re prepared to step outside the box a little.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Installation Mount Tamborine

Exposed Aggregate

Without a doubt, the most common decorative concrete installation on the Gold Coast is exposed aggregate concrete.

Exposed Aggregate can be a tricky little thing sometimes, I’ve known some exceptionally good concreters in my time who still struggle to place exposed properly due to lack of practice. There are a lot of little “timing” aspects to get right, as well as ultimate care during placement. I’m proud to say that our exposed comes up nearly stone to stone perfect for anything that is in our control.

Give us a call today and we can forward some address’s of our previous work to check it out, take a close look though, you’ll notice the difference.

Metallic Epoxy Garage Gold Coast

Epoxy Flooring

Got a garage floor that was poured during a building boom on the Gold Coast? The concrete installers didn’t quite pay enough attention or care enough about your finish?

The absolute best application for concrete resurfacing your garage, internal house flooring or industrial kitchen floor, is Epoxy. Starting at a simple, single colour throughout, from there adding flecking options and finally fully custom metallic swirl installs, this option is truly a stunning finish that has people jaws dropping when they see it.

Did I also mention easy to maintain and clean? Nothing sticks, oil, petrol, mud, nothing. Just wash it off and away you go looking all shiny and new with every new day.

colour decorative concrete gold coast

Coloured Decorative Concrete

Integrally coloured decorative concrete has to still be one of my favourite finished to do. Not only do the colours blend in and naturally match well with you new home, but it allows for some intricate hand finishing where available on smaller jobs, and for larger jobs, makes sure you get a good trowel machine finish to really bed that concrete surface in.

There are many different colours to choose, from mild to wild! You’ll find one that blends or contrasts perfectly with you desired architectural vision.

Just remember though, coloured concrete is an application that the colour will fade over time. Your concrete should be sealed after it is poured, then re-sealed every 2 years to make sure it stay in good condition. If it’s a bit slippery after sealing, put some glass shards through the sealer typically does the trick.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete was extremely popular on the Gold Coast back in the 80’s and 90’s, however, it went out of fashion due to the longevity of the product not being great and deteriorating relatively quickly over time.

We changed our approach with how stamped concrete is completed and rather than applying our colour through throw on powder, have switched to colour through concrete whilst still using off setting release agents. Although today’s finish may not be “naturally” as appealing as the old style, it still looks amazing and lasts the test of time, not fading or falling apart.


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